90cm Range Cookers

Britannia's 90cm range cooker selection includes double oven as well as single oven range cookers. Click on any of the images below to view the colour options and the different gas and electric hob options for our 90cm double oven range cookers.

Is 90cm the right size for you?

90cm (or 900mm) range cookers are the smallest size offered by Britannia, and is perfect for a medium sized kitchen. If you want a separate grill compartment, this is available on a 100cm or 110cm cooker. However, within our 90cm models there is still plenty of choice when it comes to oven functionality.

90cm (900mm) double oven range cookers

Our 90cm double oven cookers feature a multifunctional 60cm main oven and a second oven of 30cm. The main oven capacity is just over 53 litres, and a 22lb (just under 10kg) turkey can be cooked in this oven. The main oven also features Quickstart – our fast pre-heat system that brings the oven temperature to 200°C in just 6 minutes.

The second oven has a capacity of just under 31 litres. It is suitable for grilling or cooking smaller amounts of food. It also features a rotisserie which is great for spit-roasting chicken, pork, lamb or game. At 430mm, the second oven is deeper than the main oven, and it can accommodate long, narrow roasting tins.

90cm range cooker from Britannia
90cm range cooker from Britannia
90cm range cooker from Britannia

90cm (900mm) single oven cookers

Most people like the flexibility of having two ovens. However, if you need one large oven, then the 90cm single oven cookers are for you. This oven is also multifunctional, and has a capacity of 80 litres. Our Delphi, Fleet, and Q Line designs are all available as 90cm single oven range cookers.

For your cooking pleasure

All 90cm range cookers from Britannia are designed to make cooking a true pleasure. Find out more about our innovative accessories including the Chef Top and other Britannia features that will help to enhance your cooking enjoyment.

Quality built to last

Britannia's famous build quality and reliability come as standard with all of our 90cm range cookers. Experience the quality of the construction for yourself at a dealer near you.

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