100cm range cookers

100cm range cookers available in four styles

Britannia's 100cm range cooker selection includes double oven as well as single oven range cookers. Click on any of the images below to view the colour options and the different gas and electric hob options for our 100cm double oven range cookers. 

Introducing our range cooker families

Britannia range cookers are available in four product families, offering different styles, features and benefits to suit the requirements of all cooking enthusiasts. Our Delphi, Fleet, and Q Line range cookers are all built to the same high quality specification, but suit different styles, depending upon whether you are looking for a modern, commercial or traditional design for your range cooker. All ovens in our range cookers feature a grill and are 'A rated' for energy efficiency with triple-glazed oven doors. If you're looking for a range cooker with a separate grill, our XG models have a dedicated grill in addition to the two ovens. The XG collection is available in our Delphi, Fleet, and Q Line families.

100cm range cooker from Britannia
100cm range cooker from Britannia
100cm range cooker from Britannia

Range cookers to suit any style of kitchen

Cooking involves all your senses, so everything designed by Britannia is intended to delight them. Whether your kitchen is shaker-style or ultra-modern, you'll find a Britannia that suits your personal taste. Feel the unmistakable quality of the construction when you turn the control knobs or when you open the sturdy doors. Feel the re-assuring weight of the cast-iron pan supports and the high quality Chef Top. We've engineered in quietness, so that you'll hear the sizzling of steaks and sautéed zucchinis on the versatile Chef Top hotplate. Smell the tempting aroma of a Mediterranean flavoured chicken cooked to succulent perfection on the rotisserie.

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