Are Britannia Range Cookers available to use with LPG?
Yes, once you have picked which model you would like to order, simply advise your dealer. We will make the necessary conversion prior to delivery.

Do you have any colours other than the standard options?
You are now able to create the cooker of your dreams, simply send us a sample of any colour - a paint swatch, a piece of fabric, even your favourite spice - and we will colour match your cooker to it. Please refer to the Colourange page for further information.

Do you supply gas ovens?
All our ovens are electric, with the main ovens being fan assisted. We provide a choice of gas or electric hotplates.

Can I buy from Britannia directly?
We have dealers throughout the country who are carefully selected and thoroughly trained by our specialist staff. As we do not sell directly to the public, you will be able to purchase from one of these Britannia Approved Dealers. Most importantly, they will be local to you and able to offer friendly help, advice and assistance on any matter prior, during or after your purchase.

How do I purchase spare parts for my Britannia?
All spare parts can be ordered from the Britannia Spares Department, who can be contacted on 0344 463 9705 (option 1). Spare parts can be purchased by debit or credit card and despatched directly to you.

Do you offer a home delivery and installation service?
We have our own delivery and installation team, who ensure that Britannia cookers get the care they deserve, all the way from our warehouse to your kitchen. For further details, please contact our Home Delivery Department on 0344 463 9705 (option 2).

Where can I get an instruction manual?
You can view our range cooker instruction manual or we can send you an instruction manual for any model - simply advise whether the cooker is all electric or dual fuel. Please call our Service Department on 0344 463 9705 (option 1).

Do Britannia range cookers come with a guarantee?
All Britannia range cookers are guaranteed as standard for TWO years. For more details view our 2 year guarantee page.

Where can I register my product warranty?

You can register your warranty with the following initiatives:

Register your appliance now, for an improved aftersales service experience and important product updates. You can find out more about this initiative here.

We are proud to be part of the REPIC Responsible Recycling Campaign. You can read more about the initiative here.

Further help or support
If you have any questions or if you require support with your Britannia product, please get in touch.


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