Cleaning and maintenance

A Britannia cooker is made to be admired and enjoyed, but we have also incorporated a few features that make range cooker cleaning and maintenance easy.

Hob cleaning tips

Hob cleaning tips

Most Britannia dual fuel range cookers have individual pan supports - these are easier to clean in the sink. All of our gas hotplates have a single-piece pressed hob, which allows for quick and easy cleaning.

Cleaning alloy burners on a gas hob

Wash the alloy burners in warm soapy water - they should never be soaked with other metal parts, as electrolysis will occur and they will be permanently blackened. For stubborn stains use a cream cleaner or Alloy Metal Polish, available from our Services, Spares & Technical Department on 0344 463 9705, Option 1.

Cleaning pan supports and burner caps

These should be washed in hot soapy water. For stubborn marks, soak or treat with a cream cleaner and a green scourer. Remember to replace the support(s) with the shortest arms over the triple ring burner. Do not put in the dishwasher, as this may cause rusting and won't remove carbonised stains (i.e. burnt-on fat).

Cleaning induction hobs

If you've chosen an induction hob, simply wipe with a soft cloth and warm soapy water - never use metal scourers or abrasive cleaning products.

Cleaning a Chef Top

The best time to clean the Chef Top is while it's still warm. Pour on a little hot soapy water and watch the soiling boil off. Use a spatula to loosen crusty deposits and wipe clean. For stubborn deposits use a metal scourer.

Stay clean oven liners

Range cooker oven cleaning tips

Stay clean oven liners

These liners are easily fitted into the back and sides of all ovens (sides only in 30cm and 40cm ovens). They are treated with a special material that absorbs grease splashes during cooking. By heating the oven periodically to maximum temperature, the splashes are burnt off to keep the interior like new. You can tell if you have these liners by feeling the inside of the cooker: if the walls feel rough, they are fitted. They are supplied as standard with Delphi and Fleet.

Cleaning the inside of your Britannia

Remove the shelves and runners and clean in soapy water with a nylon scourer. If your range cooker has stay clean liners fitted, heat your oven to maximum temperature for 45 minutes, and wipe away the excess residue with a clean cloth. You should not use soapy water to clean the liners.

The remainder of the oven is glass enamelled. To help keep the oven clean, we recommend using high-sided cooking dishes. Never use abrasive cleaners, as these will damage the enamel. Wipe the oven with warm soapy water shortly after use. Obstinate marks can be treated with cream cleaner, or soap-filled steel wool pads.

Vinegar, coffee, milk, salt water and fruit and vegetables left on enamel surfaces for long periods may permanently stain or discolour enamel.

Cleaning the exterior of your Britannia

  • While the cooker is still warm, wipe with a damp cloth, warm water and washing-up liquid.
  • Polish with a soft cloth to eliminate smearing, particularly with stainless steel finishes. Microfibre cloths are best for this, as they leave no lint, smears or finger marks.
  • Don't use strong or abrasive detergents as these can remove the calibrations and icons from the knobs and control panel.
  • All Britannia oven doors are removable for easy cleaning, as is the inner glass panel.

Cooker hood cleaning tips

Replacing the charcoal filters in your cooker hood

It's best to change these every 6 months, but it really depends on how often you use your hob and how much fatty food you cook. Inspect regularly and make sure that you have a spare set to hand. If you have your hood ducted out, you don't need charcoal filters.

Cleaning the metal grease filter in your cooker hood

These are designed to collect grease, particularly when the cooker hood is ducted to the outside. Again it depends what type of foods you cook, but they also collect household dust and fluff. We suggest you visually inspect regularly as the cooker hood motor may become damaged if the grease filter is left saturated with grease, which could, in extreme circumstances, even become a fire hazard. Clean as necessary by hand or in the dishwasher. Dry well before replacing in the cooker hood.

Further help and support

If you have any questions about range cooker cleaning and maintenance, please get in touch or email [email protected]. You can also check out our oven cleaning tips for more advice.


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