Montana is the cool new American style fridge-freezer from Britannia; designed to keep your food fresh and full of flavour.

Your fruit and vegetables stay crisp and juicy in the humidity crisper, while the Sweetspot shelf serves up delicious ready-to-eat ice cream.

Montana Montana Montana Montana
Product code:
FF-MONTANA-C (544440620)
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Key product features

Britannia Fridge Freezer


1. Electronic ice & water dispenser with child lock
Dispenses crushed or cubed ice and chilled filtered water from the front of the fridge. A child lock can be activated to prevent children from using the ice and water dispenser.
2. Built-in water filter
Located inside the fridge and very easy to replace. The water filter needs replacing every six months.
3. Integrated ice maker
Automatically senses when more ice is needed, and draws on the filtered water supply as necessary. The ice maker can produce over 130 cubes in 24 hours – great when you're planning a party!
4. Sweetspot shelf
Never run out of ice cream! This **star rated freezer shelf gives you that all-important extra storage and serves up delicious ready-to-eat ice cream.
5. Humidity crispers
Special seals reduce air movement in the crisper drawer, allowing fruit and vegetables to stay fresh and crispy for longer by retaining moisture levels.
6. ClimateKeeper air tower & MultiFlow air system
Delivers cold air on two levels, ensuring a consistent temperature and keeping your food fresh and tasty throughout the fridge. Sensors help maintain the temperature.
7. Frost guard technology
Super freezes food before starting a defrost cycle and minimises the risk of freezer burn. A defrost cycle is run automatically and only when needed, ensuring fridge and freezer remain frost free.

Full product details


Generous capacity of 23 cu.ft
Fridge: 15.87 cu.ft
Freezer: 7.13 cu.ft
A+ rating for energy efficiency
Electronic ice & water dispenser with child lock
Integrated ice maker
Sweetspot shelf
Built-in water filter
Humidity crispers
ClimateKeeper air tower
Frost guard technology
Door alarm

Supplied with

3 slide-out spill-proof tempered glass shelves
Sealed clear crisper and adjustable humidity crisper
2 adjustable and 2 standard door compartments and 1 dairy compartment

2 slide-out spill-proof tempered glass shelves
2 slide-out drawers
5 standard door compartments



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Montana dimensions

Total capacity: 23cu.ft (643 litres)
Capacity fridge: 15.87 cu.ft (379 litres net)
Capacity freezer: 7.13 cu.ft (170 litres net)
Overall height: 1805mm
Overall depth inc handle: 746mm
Cabinet depth excluding doors: 610mm
Depth excluding door handles: 690mm
Depth with fridge door open 90 degrees: 1168mm
Depth with freezer door open 90 degrees: 1040mm
Overall width: 915mm
Clearance fridge door open: 460mm
Clearance freezer door open: 390mm
Air clearance - freestanding: 5mm
Air clearance - built-in: 25mm
Approx shipping weight: 172kg
Energy rating: A+
Energy consumption: 448 kWh/year
ISO temperature rise time: 5.46hrs
Freezer star rating: 4
Freezer capacity (kg/24hrs): 12.0kg/24hrs
Noise (dbA): 47

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