Hotshot Brushed Nickel

Hotshot Brushed Nickel

The amazing Hotshot from Britannia is the only 4-in-1 tap you’ll ever need in your kitchen. One stylish mixer delivering steaming hot and refreshing cold filtered water on demand. Your mains hot and cold water too. The heart of Hotshot’s innovative tapnology is the smart box that fits easily under your sink and puts you in complete control, with safety and reliability assured.

Hotshot Brushed Nickel
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  • Brushed Nickel

Brushed Nickel

  1. Instant steaming filtered for brewing up and cooking
  2. Hot from your system for washing up
  3. Cold mains for rinsing
  4. Cold filtered for drinking

Hotshot Tap Key Features

  • Steaming Hot

    Instant steaming filtered water

    Hotshot’s the 4-in-1 tap that instantly delivers pure pH balanced steaming water, temperature controlled with hardness, odours and chlorine filtered out. Perfect for brewing tea or coffee and speeding up cooking.
  • Cold Filtered

    Cold, refreshing filtered water

    Drink ultra-refreshing crystal clear filtered water straight from your Hotshot tap, with the impurities that cause limescale, discolouration, odours and aftertastes removed from your domestic water supply.
  • Hot and Cold mains water

    Hot water from your heating system for washing up, washing hands and general cleaning. Cold from the mains for all those everyday tasks, from rinsing utensils to filling vases and watering plants.



Full product details

4 in 1 tapnology


The science of Tapnology
Hotshot’s brain is the compact UK-made smart box that fits easily under your sink, intelligently delivering two types of filtered water on demand: steaming hot for brewing up, or refreshingly cold for drinking.

Safety first
The Hotshot mechanism is designed to keep children and vulnerable people safe. The steaming water tap stops the flow instantly when released.

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Hotshot dimensions
Hotshot Brushed Nickel dimensions

Overall height: 424.3mm
Overall width: 157.5mm
Tap reach: 216.2mm
Height to spout: 297.3mm