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You don't have to show off its legs to make a range cooker look good

11TH MAY 2011
Do you think you have to show or hide the legs to make a range cooker look good? It’s certainly a never-ending debate at Britannia. While some of us are ardent supporters of a freestanding cooker look (without a plinth), others can’t stand showing a range cooker without a plinth.

Here are pictures showing the two options. The Porcelanosa showroom in Glasgow has opted for a stainless steel Sigma range cooker without a plinth.

In the Ashley Ann showroom in Stirling the legs of this stainless steel E Line range cooker are hidden behind a plinth.

What do you think? Is it a matter of taste or do range cookers in certain kitchen styles require a plinth?

Britannia XG range cookers come with a plinth as standard. For all other range cookers, plinths can be bought separately, so we’ll leave the choice up to you: to hide the legs or to show the legs.

Britannia plinth kits are available from 90cm to 150cm wide and simply slide beneath the cooker to conceal the adjustable legs. The plinths are 14cm high and are available in stainless steel, gloss black, graphite, cream, velvet red, pure white and tangerine as standard. They can also be ordered as part of the Colourange service to match your unique range cooker finish.

What do you prefer? A cooker with or without a plinth?

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