#YearOfFood – Sweet Potato

#YearOfFood – Sweet Potato


Always the more exotic sibling to the humble spud, sweet potatoes have enjoyed quite the surge in popularity in recent times. Not only does its earthy orange flesh provide a vibrant touch of colour to any dish, but its subtly sweet flavour opens up a range of exciting new dimensions to home cooking.

As well as being more nutritious than your average potato, they’re also much more versatile, as we’ve demonstrated with our selection of recipe suggestions, from contemporary takes on the baked potato and Middle Eastern-inspired servings to more leftfield brownie recipes!

Baked sweet potato: For a different take on the classic jacket, sweet potatoes are a delightful option and the method is just as simple – rub oil onto your potato, season, and place in an oven at 200°C to bake for 45 minutes. When it’s satisfyingly crisp on the outside and pillowy soft on the inside, it’s time for your filling. Keep up the alternative angle with guacamole and kidney beans for a Mexican theme or look to the Middle East for inspiration with chickpeas and tahini.

Thai sweet potato curry: Sweet potato provides a great focal point to a rich and gratifying vegetarian curry with a punch of warming Thai flavour. For the base, add curry paste and coconut milk and serve with sticky coconut rice. Who needs meat?

Smoky sweet potato hummus: Once you forget shop-bought hummus and start making your own homemade version you’ll never turn back. Of course, opting for homemade means you can experiment with different flavours and sweet potato is a delicious addition. Simply blend cubed sweet potato, garlic, limes, chickpeas, tahini, olive oil and spices into a smooth paste – perfect!

Sweet potato falafel: Take the Middle Eastern theme further by creating your own falafel. These fried chickpea fritters are best served in a warm wholemeal pitta packed with crunchy fresh salad and a drizzle of cool tzatziki.

Hazelnut, maple and sweet potato brownies: Sweet potato is a truly effective baking agent, put to work here in a luxurious chocolate treat where the marriage of understated sweetness, nutty crunch and smooth fragrant flavour comes together sublimely.

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