#YearOfFood – Salmon

#YearOfFood – Salmon


As the last moments of the British summer fade into autumn, we can still evoke some sunshine in our cooking before it gets too chilly and we begin to crave the winter warmers.

The vibrant orange hue, subtle flavour and feather-light texture of salmon lend it perfectly to the twilight of summer, so we’ve got a selection of recipe ideas for you, from classic bagel brunch and pasta dishes to Asian-style servings.

Salmon burger: These burgers are a light and fresh option if you want to get stuck into a hearty bite without worrying about the waste line! Simply pulse salmon, breadcrumbs, an egg white, shallot and basil in a food blender and you’re ready to fry. Serve on soft ciabatta buns and for an exquisite final touch, try a basil and lime mayonnaise.

Salmon and cream cheese bagel: A bona fide lunch classic – the subtle chewy texture of the bagel, silky tenderness of the smoked salmon and full-bodied creaminess of the cheese are more than the perfect match. The key to success here is in the bagel, which must be dense and chewy, the rest is easy. Be sure to season the filling with a sprinkling of black pepper and a light drizzle of lemon juice and you’re ready to sit back and savour!

Teriyaki salmon: Take a simple and flavoursome Japanese-style approach to grilling your salmon fillet in a subtly sweet teriyaki sauce marinade. For the marinade, mix ginger and garlic with soy sauce, maple syrup, rice wine and a drizzle of olive oil. Ensure you leave the salmon to marinate for at least 20 minutes, but the longer you can leave it, the better the infusion of flavour!

Salmon and avocado sushi: It may seem like a daunting proposition, but homemade sushi can be really fun to create in the kitchen. Ideal for canapes if you’re holding a dinner party, once you learn some of the basic technique involved, sushi rolls can be really simple to make.

Salmon and broccoli tagliatelle: Light flaky salmon is a beautiful companion to tender broccoli in a hearty pasta dish. For the perfect simple sauce, fry up some garlic and onions before adding cream and a touch of parsley. When it comes to the pasta, go for some fresh tagliatelle, cooked al dente of course!

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