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#YearOfFood – Christmas

#YearOfFood – Christmas


Christmas adverts are on the television, festive markets are in full flow around the country and our favourite festive songs can be heard on the radio – the countdown has well and truly begun.

On top of the boozy merriment, presents and festive joy, most people’s favourite part of Christmas is the food! It’s the one time of the year when diets go out of the window and we’re truly ready to indulge to our heart’s content.

To get you in the festive foodie spirit, we’ve selected some of our favourite Christmas foodie tips, from perfecting roast turkey to vegetarian alternatives and comforting Boxing Day leftovers!

Baked camembert: Although our eyes are often bigger than our stomachs when it comes to the Christmas day feast, the option of a starter is always popular. For a luxurious starter to share, bake a whole camembert and serve with some rustic bread – try crusty, grilled slices of ciabatta, drizzled with olive oil and rubbed with garlic.

Chestnut, spinach and blue cheese pie: Alternative vegetarian suggestions can be overwhelmingly plentiful. For a veggie centrepiece packed with festive flavours, try combining chestnut, spinach and blue cheese with a flaky pastry to create a delicious en croûte.

The perfect Christmas turkey: The firmest of festive culinary traditions, a perfectly cooked turkey makes for a grand centrepiece to your feast (and some excellent leftover sandwiches if it hasn’t all been devoured!) If you don’t know where to begin, take a look at our full recipe here.

Roast potatoes: It’s no secret that Christmas dinner sides are just as important as the turkey (or more important to some!) With this in mind, perfecting your roast potatoes is an absolute must. After parboiling, one of the essential steps to the perfect roasties is shaking them to scuff up the edges – this will ensure that they’re gorgeously crisp on the outside and fluffy on the outside. Along with garlic you could try adding olive oil and rosemary or goose fat, thyme and bay leaves for the final hint of flavour.

Christmas pudding: It wouldn’t be the complete festive package without a plump Christmas pudding to force down for dessert, no matter how full you are! This pudding recipe is light, delicately spiced and simple, saving you precious time to give every other element of your feast the loving care it deserves!

Bubble and squeak leftovers: As much as we like to stuff ourselves at Christmas, leftovers are an inevitability. What better way is there to use your leftovers up than bubble and squeak? Start by frying up some onions, garlic and bacon. Next, add leftover veggies and potatoes until they’re crisp and golden. Simple, comforting and so satisfying!

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