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Why the difference between 100cm and 90cm range cookers is bigger than you think

27TH JULY 2011
90cm Sigma range cooker in gloss black

If you are replacing a 900mm range cooker, you will probably not be able to go to a larger range cooker. Click here to see our selection of 900mm range cookers.

If you haven’t signed off the design of your new kitchen yet, then consider the following 6 differences between Britannia’s 1000mm and 900mm range cookers.

1. The size of the second oven
A range cooker difference of 10cm (just under 4 inches) doesn’t sound a lot, but did you know that the size of the second oven of a 100cm range cooker is more than 40% larger than the second oven of a 90cm range cooker? The 10cm extra width fully benefits the second oven! The main ovens are exactly the same.

2. The pan supports
If you go for a 6 burner hob, then the size of the outside pan supports is nearly 20% larger on a 100cm than on a 90cm hob.
If you choose to add a Chef Top accessory, then the Chef Top size is the same, meaning less space for the pan supports either side of the Chef Top!

3. Two wok burners
The 6 burner hob of our 100cm range cookers has two 5kW dual wok burners rather than one. Wok burners are extra powerful burners. You can use them for boiling a large pan of water, frying meat in addition to “wokking”, so it’s quite useful to have two.

This 100cm range cooker has a much larger second oven than the 90cm cooker.

4. A separate grill compartment?
The option of a separate grill compartment is only available on a 100cm range cooker.

5. The cost difference
The cost difference between a 90cm and 100cm twin range cooker is only small. Check it with your kitchen designer.

10cm only seems a small difference, but if you add up how much extra cooking space you get, it is worth considering a 100cm range cooker if you can. Maybe discuss with your kitchen designer whether you could fit a 100cm range cooker in your new kitchen?



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