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Why purchasing a range cooker is like buying a new car

11TH AUGUST 2011

It is not surprising that there are many similarities between buying cars and range cookers. When you spend a considerable amount of money, you have to make sure you get your purchase right.

Below is a list of the main things you probably consider before deciding on your model.

You want to know that your new car will be trouble free. How do you know? You ask around and check what other car owners say. You’ll have a look at the dashboard – do the materials have a more upmarket feel? You shut the car door – how does that sound?
Really, it’s the same with a range cooker. Feel the quality when you open and shut the doors or turn the control knobs. Have a look at the materials that the handles and control knobs are made of. What does this tell you about the quality of the cooker?

If you bought a Mercedes CLK, then you would have been attracted by its clean lines. The Beetle is iconic because of its outstanding design.
It really is the same with a range cooker. You can fall in love with its looks. Its style is important when it takes proud centre stage in your kitchen.

Performance and driving pleasure
What is it that makes your car a pleasure to drive? It’s about power, responsiveness, acceleration and the firmness of the ride. It also has to do with the comfort of your seat, climate control and noise levels.
Is this so much different for a range cooker? You need low noise levels (this is equally important for your cooker hood!) and acceleration is important, too. That’s why Britannia’s Quickstart is such a sought-after feature – the oven will go from 0 to 200°C in just 6 minutes flat!

The safety features of a car have become pretty standard. Just as you can’t buy a car without airbags any more, you can’t buy a range cooker without flame failure devices. These safety devices cut off the gas supply when a flame is accidentally extinguished.

Test drive
Have you ever bought a car without a test drive? You can do the same before you buy a range cooker! Britannia organises cooking demonstrations throughout the country, so you can be sure that you get a cooker that suits your cooking style. Of course, you can also ask your friends about their experience with cooking on a Britannia.

For the latest information on where our range cooker demonstrations are taking place, please visit our Events page.

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