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Why Every Family Kitchen Needs a Range Cooker

Why Every Family Kitchen Needs a Range Cooker

23RD AUGUST 2017

With open-plan design trends dominating kitchen and living spaces, it's more true than ever that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens are no longer separate, but instead blend together to form open spaces encourage family gatherings, and ensure there's plenty of space around the cooker for nosy sous-chefs who are after a cheeky sample of dessert.

Range cookers have rightly earned their cult status over the past decades, but there is more to them than their stylish exterior. With added cooking functions and varying size options, read on to find out why no family kitchen should be without one.

Running Costs

Managing costs is a top priority in most households, and an energy-efficient cooker can make a real difference when you consider how much time is spent using it. Most range cookers are rated A for energy efficiency, keeping your bills and running costs down. Although it is important to factor in the efficiency of different fuel options, keeping in mind that induction hobs are overall more energy efficient than gas ones.

Multiple oven functions

From those looking to get the Sunday roast done in pinch to the next Great British Bake-Off  hopeful, multiple oven functions will save you time and give you more freedom to experiment. Unlike standard cookers, range cookers often come with two ovens that can be independently programmed.

The variety of oven functions means there’s something for every kind of cook, and plenty of ways to make the most of your cooker. Although not an exhaustive list, here are some of the options you can find on range cookers:

  • Conventional cooking: great for Sunday roasts, and for baking things on one shelf.

  • True fan oven: allows you to cook several types of food across multiple shelves, and is great for batch baking cookies, small cakes, and biscuits.

  • Fan assisted grilling: the fan circulates the heat, cutting down on time you would normally spend basting and turning. This function is great for chops, sausages, and grilling chicken portions.

Oven functions vary across range cookers, and there are increasingly sophisticated options available, so there will be something to suit all your baking and grilling needs.

Easy Clean Functions

When you’re cooking with the kids, the last thing you want to worry about is the aftermath. A range cooker might not be able to take the washing up off your hands, but some do come with removable door panels and roof trays for ease of use and maintenance.

The Right Size for Every Family

A  family doesn’t always consist of 2.4 children, and it’s important that your cooker can accommodate the size of your family, no matter how big or small. You might think that a range cooker requires a large kitchen, but like other cookers, they come in an assortment of sizes to fit your needs.

For smaller households, a 90cm unit is great because it is not much larger than a standard cooker but still has the option for multiple ovens, whereas a 120cm range cooker is perfect for large families because both ovens will have a much larger capacity.

Safety Features

The most important feature of any family kitchen is safety. Child safety locks are a crucial feature to keep tiny hands away from danger, and are an option you should look out for in any cooker.

A range cooker with an induction hob is the perfect choice for families. Induction hobs begin to generate heat when a pan comes into contact with the element, and begin cooling as soon as the pan is removed.  For traditionalists who prefer to cook on a gas hob, most range cookers come with a child safety lock – a standard feature across the full Britannia range.

Although not a safety feature in itself, freestanding range cookers have an advantage over built-in units because all of the elements are in one place. So, rather than keeping an eye on multiple different units, you only have to worry about keeping wandering hands away from one place.

There are plenty of reasons why range cookers are a great choice for family kitchens, and thanks to the number of features and sizes options, they can be a lot more versatile than their alternatives.


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