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Which range cooker is best? 4 more points to consider

27TH MAY 2011

Last week we wrote about our 16 point checklist for comparing range cookers. Click here if you haven’t seen the checklist, but would like to read it. This week we provide 4 more points to consider before deciding which range cooker to buy.

1.    The space required between range cooker sides and kitchen cabinets
The distance required between the range cooker sides and kitchen cabinets can vary greatly from cooker to cooker. If insulation of the ovens is of lower quality, then the range cooker sides can become hotter. This in turn means that you have to allow more space to avoid damage to your kitchen cabinets. It is always recommended leaving a little space (2.5mm) in between the cooker and the cabinets so that the range cooker can easily be removed for servicing.

2.    Second oven size
Some second ovens are extra deep so you are able to use a roasting tin in an oven that looks quite narrow. If you have enough space in your kitchen, it’s also worth considering a 100cm rather than a 90cm range cooker. The extra width of a 100cm range cooker benefits the second oven, but beware: some 100cm range cookers are 90cm cookers with pillars at the sides – so you don’t get any extra oven capacity by trading up to a 100cm cooker.

3.    Stay clean oven roof liners
Check whether there is an oven roof liner in the oven (the oven roof will feel rough if it has an oven liner) – this is the most difficult area to clean, so a stay clean liner on the oven roof is useful!

4.    After-sales service
When you buy a new range cooker, you don’t want it to require any repairs, but of course it may need some care during its life span. Ask around what the after-sales reputation is of the brand you are considering to avoid disappointment in the future. Your local showroom should know.

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