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What cooker do the Camerons have in their Downing Street kitchen?

25TH MAY 2011
A Britannia Sigma range cooker hides behind Michelle Obama's head at 10 Downing Street.

Have you seen this picture in the national press? It created quite a stir at Britannia. Although slightly hidden behind Michelle Obama, the Britannia range cooker takes proud centre stage in the modern open-plan kitchen in Downing Street. Here we suggest 5 possible reasons why David and Samantha bought a Britannia range cooker.

1.    Samantha Cameron has a good feel for design and style. The Sigma range cooker in stainless steel looks, of course, great in this modern kitchen.

2.    The hob features a fish burner (an elongated burner), which is ideal for cooking salmon in a fish kettle for a chic dinner party.

3.    If the fish burner is not used, the pan supports can be replaced by a Chef Top. This stainless steel hotplate can be used to cook anything from the family's English breakfast to steak and stir-fries!

4.    Do you think they like chicken? The rotisserie in the second oven provides an easy way to cook perfectly succulent chicken. Great for their children's birthday parties!

5.    And of course, with two A rated ovens, this range cooker helps David to do his bit for the environment.

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