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What are the biggest kitchen trends of 2012?

13TH APRIL 2012
You’ve chosen your dream range cooker, selected the model that best suits your lifestyle, but how will it fit into the design of your new kitchen? Which colours, shapes and styles should you be looking for?

We spoke with a kitchen design specialist, and one of the leading kitchen consumer titles, to get some insider tips to ensure your kitchen is bang on trend.

Graham Jones, Sales and Marketing Director at Mereway Kitchens, suggested colour and texture should form the basis of your inspiration. He said: “Warm neutrals such as Truffle, Pumice and Café Latte, as featured in the latest addition to the Cucina Colore range will form the backdrop but will be enhanced with solid wood grains and splashes of colour.”

Ruth Bell, Editor at Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine, agrees that warmer shades are on trend this year, stating that “harsh white has given way to slightly warmer and creamier hues, such as alabaster and chalk.”

Ruth also noted developing trends she believes can be attributed to the current climate; “It’s well known that in hard times we look back rather than forwards. So as the economy plunged into recession, kitchens went from hard, angular and somewhat futuristic lines to more nostalgic, traditional styles – softer and designed to remind us of better times.”

She suggests this change in style has also led to another trend; the increasing popularity of curves in kitchens, resulting in more fluid designs. She said: “Curves are very much a fixture in more modern kitchens too. Where once curved cabinetry was only found at the very top end, now kitchens at all price points boast attractive curved cabinetry and island units.”

Taking a practical approach, Graham highlights the importance in kitchens that are fit for purpose too. He said “The trend for 'Living Kitchens' will also continue, with furniture designed for relaxation, eating and living. Glazed units, open shelving and storage options will become popular choices and an integral part of the overall kitchen design.”

Have Graham and Ruth inspired you to redesign your kitchen? What are your favourite trends of 2012 so far?

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