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What a Britannia and a Mercedes have in common


While browsing various car websites, I was struck by the similarities between a Britannia and a Mercedes. Take for instance:

“Style and design is in our DNA.”

This sentence on the Mercedes-Benz website could have been written for Britannia! We think the style of a range cooker is as important as its functionality. A Britannia will make a real difference to the look of your kitchen. And no matter whether you have high-gloss cabinets or a more traditional décor, you’ll find a cooker that becomes the focal point of attention. It will turn heads just like a luxurious Mercedes does.

“Mercedes-Benz is created with passion, quality and real attention to detail.”

At Britannia we are passionate about cooking. Cooking involves all the senses, so every detail designed by Britannia is intended to delight them. Feel the unmistakable quality of the construction when you turn the control knobs or when you open the oven doors. Feel the reassuring weight of the cast-iron pan supports and the high-quality Chef Top. You’ll notice that a Britannia is manufactured to the highest standard of craftsmanship – not unlike a Mercedes.

“A Mercedes should be premium, in every segment.”

Whether you have a lower or higher specified Britannia, the overall build quality is the same. And even the oven functions are the same in each of our cookers!

“… and sheer driving pleasure”

A Britannia is, of course, not about driving, but it’s all about cooking pleasure. Each Britannia is designed to make cooking a perfect pleasure. Be inspired by our Chef Top. Peppered steak, salmon, bell peppers, zucchinis or even a full breakfast – they can all be prepared on a Chef Top. We have also engineered in quietness so that you can take pleasure in your cooking without being disturbed by too much noise. Just like the quiet ride of a Mercedes enhances your driving pleasure.

Interested in taking a test drive? Have a look at our cooking demonstrations.

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