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Two reasons why you may want to pay a little more for a Britannia range cooker

30TH JUNE 2011

Britannia range cookers are by no means the most expensive on the market, but you may wonder why a Britannia range cooker is a little more expensive then some other range cookers. These are the main reasons why:

1. The build quality of Britannia range cookers is exceptionally high

This is how you can find out: Firstly, go to a John Lewis store nearby or an independent appliance retailer with a selection of range cookers on display. Open and shut the door of a Britannia range cooker. Does it sound good? Does it feel good? Now try and do the same with a few other range cookers in store. How do they compare?
Secondly, ask John Lewis partners or your local retailer, what the quality of Britannia range cookers is like compared to other range cookers on the market.

2. Britannia range cookers are packed with features

Our range cookers have lots of features that make cooking a pleasure: the stainless steel Chef Top hotplate, a rotisserie for spit-roasting, 9 function main ovens, a Quickstart fast pre-heat system, triple ring burners. Find out more on our web page about product features.

If you have a few range cookers of different brands in mind and you are not sure which is the best, try using our 16 point checklist to compare the brands and decide for yourself. Click here for our checklist.

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