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Traditional or Modern? A Britannia looks at home in any kitchen…

26TH AUGUST 2011

The range cooker is considered by many to be ‘traditional’ and ‘classic’. Although, this may be the case for some Britannia cookers; the Sigma and Dynasty ranges would look at home in any modern kitchen. The Sigma range cooker is our most modern design with square windows to fit with its contemporary feel. Whilst the Dynasty will help to create that modern look with no windows and a contemporary finish.

The Dynasty 100cm range cooker (pictured above) at Oadby Design Studio includes ‘filled’ doors which radiate style, boasting both minimalism and modern design. The choice of colour is also important in creating that modern look desired by many- with the gloss black colour creating a contemporary finish to the range cooker. For those wishing to create a more traditional look the timeless cream finish would be more suited.

The cooker hood also helps create that modern look- the Omaggio wall mounted hoods are well suited to any modern kitchen.

For those wanting to achieve a more traditional look in their kitchen, the Classic range cooker is the perfect choice. The rounded windows and brass trim help create a traditional finish to the range cooker and any kitchen.

Pictured above is the Classic XG 100cm in Graphite which gives the kitchen a traditional feel alongside the white kitchen units. The canopy created above the cooker helps to create the traditional look in the kitchen and frames the range cooker nicely.

So whether you want to achieve a traditional or modern look in your kitchen a Britannia range cooker is the perfect choice.

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