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Top Tips for a Stylish and Organised Kitchen


Keeping your kitchen in order can seem like an endless task. There’s always something to tidy away or a cupboard that needs sorting – especially if you’re a keen cook! But you don’t need complicated storage solutions or to spend hours organising your kitchen. Follow our quick tips and you’ll have your kitchen in order and looking stylish in no time.

Make the Most of Magnets

Used to secure anything from spice jars to knife racks, magnets are a subtle way to get your kitchen in order. Keep items secure and handy on the fridge or on magnetic strips to reduce counter clutter, or install a sleek knife rack above the chopping board to keep cooking utensils within arm’s reach.


Invest in Baskets

Wicker, wire, lined or felt: baskets come in a variety of styles and materials to complement the look of your kitchen. Use them to store everything from vegetables to snacks, and keep them on display to achieve shabby chic (with wicker) or industrial sleek (with wire). If your kitchen has more of a Scandinavian look to it, then felt baskets will complement its cosy look, but keep in mind that they will need more care and maintenance than other materials.

Get Stacking

Kitchen nooks can be a pain to work with, but with a little bit of planning, you can turn them into excellent storage spaces. Stackable trays and boxes are perfect for those canned goods and vegetables that tend to quickly overfill cupboards (as we’re sure you know!). Unvarnished wood will fit in beautifully with rustic kitchens, while plastic or metal ones will give you glossy, wipe-clean surfaces to suit more polished interiors.

Get Creative with a Cake Stand

Cake stands are statement pieces in their own right, so have them on display rather than keeping them tucked away for special occasions. Pick up a vintage one for a shabby chic look or a sleek metallic number (like the one below) for a more contemporary feel. Once you have a cake stand in a style that you’re happy with, use it to arrange your most-used cooking ingredients in a stylish and organised way.



The Trusty Mason Jar

Mason jars are a simple and stylish way of storing ingredients and eliminating the bulky packaging they come in. For something a little different, floating mason jars are a visually stunning way to store dry goods, and are a firm favourite on Pinterest. Simply secure the lid of a mason jar to the underside of your cabinets and screw the jar into place to create the effect that they’re floating over your countertops.


Hang Your Cups and Mugs

Cups can be awkward to store. If you have a stylish set of them, why not turn them into a feature of your kitchen by hanging them up instead of hiding them away? Invest in a mug-tree to proudly display them, or install some hooks and hang them underneath shelves or cupboards. You can even get creative with a rack like the one below, and use it to store your mugs and glassware sets.


Display Your Cakes and Biscuits

Mason jars are ideal for storing everyday ingredients, but if you’re looking for a more stylish alternative, confectionery jars are the ideal option. A far cry from the plastic ones that you can bulk-buy sweets in, glass confectionery jars are a common feature in interior design magazines, and should be present in your kitchen too.

A clever way to use them is to organise your biscuits that would usually be piled together in the miscellaneous snack drawer. Stack them up instead and get your snacks looking like something Mary Berry herself would be envious of!



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