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Top 5 kitchen design ideas when planning a new kitchen around a range cooker

11TH MARCH 2011
Bruce Thomas: "Allow sufficient work space."

We caught up with Bruce Thomas (Mereway Kitchens) earlier this week. Bruce has many years experience in designing kitchens. Here, he let us in on his tips for designing a new kitchen around a range cooker.

1.    Create a smooth work-flow and a safe environment for cooking. Kitchen designers refer to this as the “golden triangle”. This means that, where possible, the fridge-freezer (for food storage), the sink (for washing e.g. vegetables) and your range cooker form a triangle in your kitchen. Ideally you can move from storage to washing and preparation to cooking in a clockwise direction.

2.    Allow sufficient work surface. Good workspaces either side of your range cooker are essential, so you can lay aside items during the cooking process and avoid carrying hot items across walkways etc.

Your range cooker should be the centrepiece of your kitchen.

3.    Consider aesthetics. Your range cooker should be the centrepiece of your kitchen. Make sure your cooker has a central location in the kitchen design so that it draws attention to it!

4.    Install good ventilation. A good cooker hood will help keep your kitchen cleaner and reduce the transfer of cooking odours to other areas in the house. With the rise of more open-plan living spaces in today’s homes, good extraction is even more important. Ideally, your cooker hood is ducted to the outside.

5.    Think about the style of your house. Make sure that, when you choose your range cooker, it feels right in your house. And then, design a kitchen around your cooker making sure the kitchen cabinets suit the cooker in terms of style and colour. Britannia has a wide variety of range cooker styles and colours. So, no matter, whether you are designing a rustic kitchen for a cottage, or an ultra-modern kitchen for a new build, you can find the cooker of your dreams!

What is your kitchen design tip? Please comment below...

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