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Top 5 Interior Designers to Follow in 2018

Top 5 Interior Designers to Follow in 2018


With so many great designers making waves in the interior design scene, narrowing our favourites down to five was not easy, but we’ve done it – we’ve looked all over the world and found five interior designers whose projects will no doubt fill your Instagram and Pinterest feeds with inspiration.

Whether you’re after interior ideas for your own home renovation or you simply want to broaden your interior-design horizons, get familiar with these names before the end of the year, because you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot from them when 2018 comes around.

Kelly Deck

Want to revamp your beachside cottage? Then look no further than Kelly Deck. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Kelly Deck has been advocating for West Coast design since 2002 and immersing herself in the lifestyle and community that makes West Coast design unique. Her coastal-inspired aesthetic is just one of the many things you’ll love. Beyond residential interior, the sharp-eyed designer has ventured into the commercial design field, having worked with local health brands like Nectar Juicery. If you like a little light and airiness in your interiors, then you’ll love Kelly Deck Design’s Instagram.

Becki Owens

California designer Becki Owens knows a thing or two about interior design. She has been transforming spaces ever since she was a child, watching her parents remodel their own homes. These days, the designer’s signature California-cool style has garnered a huge online following – 675k followers on Instagram, to be exact. Becki’s style of is all about preserving the authentic and highlighting the bright and cheery, and she consistently creates Instagram-worthy interiors that feel right on the mark. Don’t take our word for it though, check it out for yourself!

Sibella Court

Based in Sydney, Australia, Sibella is a designer with a sense of wanderlust. She’s also an interior stylist, a historian, a product designer, a creative director, and your next go-to source of interior inspiration. Sibella’s signature nomadic style is influenced by markets and independent designers that she’s discovered throughout her travels. If that sounds like your cup of tea, you can find plenty of inspiration from the globetrotting designer in her award-winning book Etcetera: Creating Beautiful Interiors with the Things You Love or on her Instagram.

Kathryn M. Ireland

Kathryn M. Ireland is a British designer based in Los Angeles, who brings worldly influences to an aesthetic that combines Europe’s elegance and California’s contemporary chicness. Before becoming an interior designer, Kathryn worked as an actress, filmmaker, and clothing designer. Since then, she’s worked on celebrity homes, hotels, and architectural landmarks. Kathryn devotes a significant portion of her time to regular design bootcamps and retreats each summer, but if you can’t make it to one of those, you can always check out her books or her Instagram to find inspiration.

Kate Marker

Illinois-based designer, Kate Marker has a modern yet classic approach to design that mixes classic-style furnishings with contemporary pieces, resulting in a timeless look that feels fresh and original. Her signature design style fits right in with any modern homeowner’s dream aesthetic – think beautiful whitewashed interiors, mod renovations, and daring design schemes. I guess you could say that we're pretty smitten with Kate’s work. For endless inspiration for your kitchen and living space, be sure to follow Kate on Instagram.

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