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The A - Z of Britannia range cookers

5TH JULY 2013
A = A rated – all Britannia range cookers are A-rated, the most efficient energy rating

B = Bottom element only – use this function to cook stews or casseroles in the oven

C = Co-ordination - match your Delphi range cooker with an Arioso cooker hood and Montana fridge-freezer in the same colour

Britannia range cookers D is for Delphi - our flagship range cooker model

D = Delphi - our flagship range cooker, a contemporary design with a gloss finish

E = Electric griddle - this features on our 120cm range cookers (available in Delphi or Fleet)

F = Fleet - traditionally styled, Fleet is the classic counterpart to our Delphi range cookers

G = Grilling – our multifunctional ovens offer the choice of traditional or fan assisted grilling

H = Height adjustable legs – available for all single oven and double oven range cookers (not for XG range cookers)

I = Induction – the safest and most economical option of hob cooking. Available in all Britannia range cooker families.

J = Johnny – our long-serving engineer – always happy to answer your questions

K = Kilowatts - all our dual fuel range cookers feature at least one 5kW dual control wok burner

L = Leveling feet - featured on all XG range cookers to help you to adjust the height/level the range cooker as necessary

M = Montana - our American fridge-freezer, with a huge 23 cu.ft capacity

N = Nine functions – all our 90cm and 60cm ovens feature 9 functions

O = Omaggio - our show-stopping glass cooker hood which is always a favourite at exhibitions!

P = Probe - all Delphi range cookers feature an integral meat probe to help you cook the perfect joint of meat

Q = Q Line - our contemporary mid-level range cooker, available in gloss black or stainless steel

R = Rotisserie – for the most succulent chicken

T is for telescopic runners - helping you to serve straight from the oven; safely and efficiently

S = Stay-clean liners – these come as standard for the sides of all Delphi and Fleet range cookers

T = Telescopic runners – standard in Delphi and Fleet range cookers and available as an optional extra for Q Line and Wyre range cookers – provides you with a convenient and safe way to serve directly from the oven tray

U = Unique – with our Colourange service you can create a cooker that is truly unique

W = Wyre - our only solid door range cooker, Wyre range cookers have a vintage appeal

X = XG range cookers – for if you’d like a separate grill compartment

Y = Years – a two year warranty comes as standard with any Britannia cooker

Z = Zone – our induction range cookers feature 5 zones!

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