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Surprising Food Combinations

Surprising Flavour Combinations You Might Not Have Considered

5TH JULY 2016

If you don’t believe that variety is the spice of life, let yourself be convinced by our collection of culinary combinations you might never have considered before. If you’re interested in taking your tastebuds to unchartered territory, carry on reading…

Avocado and Chocolate

This pairing allows the intense, deep flavour of chocolate to neatly mesh with avocado’s smooth and satisfying texture. What’s more, these two delicious ingredients can be combined in all manner of inviting dishes: from delicious cakes to delectable truffles.

Peanut Butter and Noodles

This combo may make some wince but if you’re familiar with Thai food, you’ll know this is a winning pairing. The rich texture and flavour of peanut butter adds a whole new dimension to the noodles. The peanut butter works better than you’d imagine with spicier dishes too. Why not let this duo bring your next stir fry to life?

Watermelon and Black Pepper

This may sound like sacrilege, but trust us, it really works. The delicious, refreshing nature of the watermelon provides a moreish kick after a healthy sprinkling of black pepper. If you’d like to take your palette one step further, try coating the watermelon in olive oil before applying the pepper.

Champagne and All Things Fried

Whilst champagne may be regarded as a highbrow choice, believe us, it can slum it quite comfortably in the company of fried food. Onion rings, kebabs, fries or chicken, all layered in ketchup or mayo, sit very well with a glass of bubbly. The effervescence of the champagne manages to cut through the salt of the fried foods in a way that will delight the senses.

Strawberry and Dried Basil

Basil, the reliable stalwart found in many Italian dishes, coalesces beautifully with the vibrancy of a strawberry. The refreshing and almost floral feel of a strawberry compliments the peppery nature of dried basil superbly. Try this one for yourself in a smoothie or frozen yoghurt.

Olives and White Chocolate

These two flavours are a classic case of sweet and sour coming together in perfect harmony. The white chocolate possesses a sweet vanilla taste that contrasts the olive’s bitter and salty flavour. When combined, the olive manages to cut through the creamy quality of the white chocolate and intensify the flavours.

Anchovy and Lamb

Anchovies are typically regarded as a mere pizza topping. Unbeknown to many is the subtle role an anchovy’s flavour can play in the base layer of a lamb dish. Place a few fillets into incisions in the lamb and enjoy the aggressive fishiness of the anchovies melting away into a savoury seasoning that deepens the flavours of the meat.

Strawberry and Tomato

The ever-versatile strawberry pops up for the second time on our list, this time as a partner in crime for the tomato. If you think about it, there are similarities between these two flavours. They are both fresh and bursting with invigorating flavour. When combined, the additional juice in the tomato plays a willing understudy to the zesty high notes provided by the strawberry. A real triumph when put together in a summery salad.

So, why not give your friends and family something to talk about by letting them try some of these surprising flavour combinations they won’t have tried before?

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