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Stainless steel vs black range cookers: which look best in a white kitchen?

A dark red splash back adds warmth to this stainless steel and white colour scheme.

Does a stainless steel cooker look better in a white kitchen? Or should you opt for a black cooker instead?

Before comparing black and stainless steel cookers, let’s have a look at white colour schemes first.

How to design a timeless white colour scheme

The colour white is associated with purity and cleanliness; and it is a popular choice for both classic and contemporary kitchens.

A white or neutral colour scheme will give a sense of space and light, but it can look a little unwelcoming without the injection of some colour.

A white background will make other colours more prominent. Combining white with bright colours will create a dramatic effect. The red colour of the splash back in the Davonport kitchen (to the left) jumps out and adds warmth to this kitchen.

A natural wood finish can add warmth to a light kitchen. Consider a character wooden floor, a natural wood work surface or a few natural timber cabinets.

Many different shades of white exist. Pure white is relatively stark, but shades like cream, vanilla, ivory, beige or linen will give your kitchen more personality. Be careful with mixing shades of white though as different whites often don’t match.

Stainless steel vs black range cookers 

The white and stainless steel colour scheme of this Davonport kitchen provides a feeling of space and light.

Stainless steel and black are the most popular colour options for range cookers. You can choose either option to go with your light kitchen.

In terms of colour psychology, black is considered a neutral colour (i.e. it’s neither cold nor warm) while stainless steel is cool. With either option, you could consider adding a warm colour to give your kitchen a welcoming feel. To easily update your colour scheme in the future, add a few coloured kitchen accessories.

Black is often seen as a formal and conservative colour. A black range cooker or work surface in combination with white cabinets will create a dramatic effect because of the high contrast.

Graphite is an almost black, dark charcoal colour with a matt finish. Stainless steel is more understated than black and will create a clean, modern look.

This Harvey Jones kitchen combines light grey cabinets with black work surfaces and a stainless steel Sigma range cooker. The oak overmantel and cabinets inject warmth.

The Dynasty range cooker in gloss black and Legato hood in stainless steel combine well with the white cabinets: a timeless colour scheme.

The L Line range cooker in graphite stands out against the light grey painted cabinets and white work surface. The wooden floor adds character to this open plan kitchen from Higham Furniture.

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