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Six Reasons Why Prince William And Kate Middleton Should Buy A Britannia Range Cooker

17TH MARCH 2011
Prince William and Kate Middleton are planning to re-decorate their home and to install a new kitchen. Here we present six reasons why they should buy a Britannia range cooker

1.    It has been said that Kate is a fantastic cook. With features such as the Chef Top (a stainless steel hotplate), a rotisserie (for spit-roasting) and multifunctional ovens, every keen cook will enjoy cooking on a Britannia.

2.    They are looking for a modern design. With their contemporary good looks Sigma range cookers are a great focal point in a modern kitchen, especially when choosing the stainless steel option. For a slightly more commercial look, there is also the Dynasty range cooker in stainless steel.

3.    Apart from the ovens of the E Line range cookers, all Britannia ovens are A rated for energy saving. Even royalty should do their bit for the environment!

4.    If there is no mains gas available at their farmhouse, the gas burners of a Britannia range cooker can be converted for use with bottled gas (LPG). The ovens are electric, so a bottle of gas would last quite long.

5.    Is the farmhouse using a colour theme? Our Colourange means that they could have their range cooker in any colour they can dream of. No matter whether it’s royal blue or the colour of Kate’s wedding dress, Britannia will colour-match the range cooker of their choice in the colour of their choice.

6.    It is said that they are considering buying large American-style appliances. However, Britannia’s top-of-the-range 150cm Sigma range cooker perfectly suits their needs. With a 90cm and a 60cm multifunctional oven, a rotisserie that would fit two chickens, 7 burners plus a stainless steel hotplate, is there a reason not to buy a British brand?

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