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7 simple changes to make range cooking more energy efficient

9TH MAY 2011

Do you sometimes wonder whether you could save a little energy when cooking? Here are our tips for eco-cooking that may help you.

1. When cooking on a gas hob, make sure you use the correct size burner. If the gas flames lick up the sides of the pan, you need to either select a smaller burner or turn the gas down.

2. If cooking on a ceramic or induction hob, make sure that the bottom of your pan is clean and even to maximise efficiency.

3. Always use lids on your pans and use only the amount of liquid required. This will speed up the cooking time.

4. As soon as the boiling point is reached, turn the control knob to a lower position.

5. If you have a larger and a smaller oven, use the smaller oven when you have only a small amount to cook.

6. Don’t open the oven to check what’s cooking too often. Every time you open the oven, you waste energy!

7. If you have a Britannia range cooker, use Quickstart when pre-heating the oven, it saves energy as the oven pre-heats faster.

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