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Top 5 additions to your summer salad

Top 5 additions to your summer salad

28TH JUNE 2016

With all the fresh produce available in the summer season, there really is no excuse for not experimenting in the kitchen. Using our guide, try out these five seasonal additions that will help you to create some mouthwatering salads you’ll want to make and enjoy again and again.


When the days get hotter in the late summer months, we look for a refreshing lightness in our food. Adding chopped apricot to a salad will add a dazzle of colour, zest and an incredible sweetness that will tantalise the tastebuds. Fresh apricots work particularly well as a contrasting companion to more earthy ingredients such as quinoa, pine nuts, cucumber and almonds.


The cherry is at its most luscious between the months of May and August. An in-season cherry can lift a salad to a new dimension, enriching it with sweet high notes. Cherries combine beautifully with grilled halloumi, especially when barley, spinach and tomato are thrown into the mix as well.


Fresh sweetcorn can provide an ideal base for a light and breezy salad. Corn’s appeal lies in its natural sweetness and crisp texture. All the other seasonal additions on this list play delicate understudies to the other ingredients; in contrast, sweetcorn grabs the limelight and acts as the main component in any salad it features in. A supporting cast of cucumber, poppy seeds, tomato and parsley will really allow the sweetcorn to shine.

Green Beans

Green beans are at their peak from May to August and can bring a fresh crispness to a summer salad. They combine majestically with balsamic vinegar, fennel, chopped cherry tomatoes and parmesan. Why not try putting some in-season green beans in your salad and create your very own bowlful of summer?


The watermelon is the embodiment of summer produce; a real treat when enjoyed on a hot summer’s day. As well as being great on its own, this fruit can also reinvigorate and refresh when acting as a component in a summer salad. Try adding chunks of watermelon to feta, black olives, red onion and parsley; you won’t be disappointed.

If you want to experiment further, try out this top tip. It’s a little-known fact that black pepper and watermelon is a flavour combination that works perfectly. Find out for yourself by adding a sprinkling of black pepper to your watermelon salad this summer.


Give it a try

If you’re looking for ways to liven up your summer salad with beautiful fresh produce, we hope these five seasonal salad additions have given you something to think about.

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