Roast Beef

Roast Dinner - England

5TH JUNE 2014

Prep time: Overnight
Cook time: 1-2 hours
Serves: 6

When you want to get all the family round the table, there's nothing quite like a roast beef dinner. All the prep is well worth it when you hear the oohs and ahhs of appreciation, and dig into that succulent meat.
Whether you're serving a traditional gravy and peas roast that brings back childhood memories, or prefer sophisticated horseradish and green beans as your trimmings, this hearty and warming meal is perfect for a family celebration.
It's really no wonder the roast dinner is the English national dish.

For the meat:
- About 4kg/9lbs British rib beef
- Olive oil
- Salt and pepper

For the Yorkshire puds:
- 3 eggs
- 115g/4oz flour
- 275ml milk
- Beef dripping

The Method:

  • Start with the Yorkshire pudding batter, as this needs to rest overnight. Mix the flour, eggs and a pinch of salt, before gradually adding the milk.
  • Once the batter is of a runny consistency, cover the bowl and leave it to rest in the fridge for 12 hours.
  • The next day, preheat the oven on high. Weigh your beef, and rub the salt, pepper and olive oil all over it.
  • Place a sturdy roasting tray on the hob – when it's hot, add the beef and sear it quickly until the outside is nicely coloured.
  • Immediately move the tray to the oven, and cook on high for 20 minutes before reducing the heat to 190C/375F/Gas 5.
  • Calculate your cooking time – 30 minutes per kilo for rare, 45 minutes per kilo for medium, and 60 minutes per kilo for well done. Alternatively, use your Britannia programmable meat probe which will tell you when the core temperature is right.
  • Once cooked to perfection, take the beef out of the oven, cover with foil and leave to rest for 30 minutes.
  • Now for the puds! These take around 30 minutes, so start just as you take the beef out. Transfer a layer of beef dripping to your pudding mould(s) and heat until it's hot. Pour in the batter, and bake until mouth-wateringly golden.