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Is multifunctional cooking underrated?


In a recent survey among Britannia range cooker buyers, only 4% of respondents said multifunctional cooking was the most important consideration when buying a range cooker. Over 60% found quality the most important, and 10% thought that style was the main consideration.

Does this mean that range cooker buyers assume all cookers are multifunctional, or do they care less about having all these oven functions? It is often said that people only use one function (usually fan cooking) – but here at Britannia, we think multifunctional cooking is seriously underrated.

What is a multifunctional oven?

A multifunctional oven has a number of different cooking functions. These cooking functions can include fan cooking and conventional cooking (without a fan).

A multifunctional cooker might also include grill elements or a defrost setting. In short, it means there are more ways to ensure everything is cooked to perfection.

Why is a multifunctional oven useful?

Here are 6 reasons for choosing a multifunctional oven. Remember to check the cooking functions before you buy a specific oven as not all of these functions may be available.

1. Multifunctional cooking allows you to select the best cooking style for your recipe. A pizza function, for instance, will ensure a crispy base and melted cheese on top.

2. Fan assisted grilling is so much easier for chops, sausages or chicken portions. You only need to turn and baste the food once, because the fan circulates the hot air. And because fan assisted grilling is done with a closed oven door, it's a safe way of grilling when small children are in the kitchen.

3. You can cook on two or three shelves with a true fan function – which means batch baking is so much quicker! There will be no need to move the shelves around so it’s much easier, too.

4. A top element only function means you don't have to move your lasagne from the oven to the grill. It's ideal for browning lasagne, moussaka, cottage pie and cheese toppings on gratin dishes, because it generates a more delicate heat than a grill.

5. Many multifunctional ovens have a defrost option – this allows safe defrosting (but it's never as quick as using a microwave to defrost). Depending on the food, you can use defrost without or with heat.

6. Fast pre-heat systems mean you don’t need to hang around too long before your oven reaches the ideal temperature. They're only available in multifunctional ovens because they require oven elements and a fan to accelerate the preheating process. Britannia's Quickstart ensures the oven reaches 200°C in half the standard time of most ordinary ovens.

If you've never used a multifunctional oven before, how do you know what function to use? The best way to get used to all the functions is to try them all one by one. Britannia's instruction manual includes a recipe for each of the functions, so you can try them all.

Alternatively, find out more about multifunctional cooker features in our brochure.

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