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Perfect Pumpkin Carving

Perfect Pumpkin Carving


Carving out a pumpkin to make your own pumpkin lantern is a frighteningly fun way to get festive this Halloween. Below we give a step-by-step guide on pumpkin carving, as well as a few suggestions for creepy creations you can try making yourself this Halloween.

The Pumpkin:

  • You want to choose a large pumpkin so that you have the space to draw and cut in your design without worrying too much about space

  • Take a large serrated knife and use it to cut off the top of the pumpkin

  • Mush removal: Use a large serving spoon to scoop out all the seeds and fleshy bits inside, keep scooping until you're left with just the empty pumpkin shell​

The Design:

  • Draw your design with a marker pen so you can be sure you know how you'd like your pumpkin to look

  • Use a serrated knife to carve along the lines you drew, for intricate carving, it's best to use a smaller knife so you have more control

The Lantern:

  • Place a tea light (or two depending on the size of pumpkin) inside the lid and put it back on

Design ideas


The traditional jack lantern face is usually made up of triangle eyes, a nose and a great menacing mouth of snarling teeth. This is a simple idea that is easily adaptable if you'd like to put your own spin on tradition.


Rather than pictures, why not carve words into your pumpkin? You could carve in the family name so trick-or-treaters know whose house they're at.Another idea is to carve in Halloween themed words like "Boo" "Eek!" or "Spooky".


Don't limit yourself to just faces; you could carve out images of creepy crawlies, mice and rats, cats and other animals.

Pretty as a pumpkin:

Perhaps you want all the fun of the pumpkin carving but without the spook, you can carve anything into your pumpkin. Pretty shapes and patterns can look stunning carved into a pumpkin. Another way to create an interesting and different look is to use a drill. Either you could create patterns with the drill, or alternatively, you could draw shapes with the holes you make with your drill.

Whichever design you choose, we’d love to see your creations. Take a picture and upload them to our Facebook or Twitter so we can share your inspiration. Happy Haunting!