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Past kitchen designs that are making a comeback

Past kitchen designs that are making a comeback


From simple kitchen accessories, to mod-cons, to complete redesigns, trends from eras long past are making a comeback in our kitchens.

Enamelware was once an entirely functional material. Jugs, plates, and bowls were made out of enamel and were so robust that they survived a war. The glass-coated metal fell out of fashion – it was expensive to make and heavy, unable to compete with cheaper and lighter plastic.

But now, though it’s not the necessity it once was, enamel has come back into fashion. The white face and blue trim are all the rage in a vintage-inspired kitchen, which might also feature open shelving.

In a similar vein to enamel, open shelving was once a necessity and is now a design feature. Open shelving was the cheapest way to create storage space in a kitchen, but after the arrival of fitted cabinets, crockery, glassware and cutlery were hidden away to keep things tidy. Now that kitchen items are designed with aesthetics in mind, it’s time to show them off again.

The beauty of a retro kitchen is that it has the look of past decades with all the present-day mod-cons. After the invention of the microwave, there’s been little in the way of truly life-changing technology in the kitchen since the 1960s. Now, smart fridges, vacuum robots and smart ovens like Bertazzoni’s LCD touch control range cooker are integrating modern technology into established kitchen accessories. 

When old trends return to our kitchens, it’s a chance to update them for the modern day. Britannia Living’s ranges of kitchen products have taken a leaf out of this book, combining timeless designs with a modern build to give you the best of both worlds.

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