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Oven cleaning tips for your Britannia

28TH AUGUST 2013

When it comes to household chores, cleaning the oven is rarely top of anyone's list. However, giving your Britannia the care and attention it deserves will assure it keeps looking its best for longer. Fortunately Britannia range cookers have a number of features that make them quick and easy to clean, so you can enjoy the perfect look - and taste - day in, day out. Read on for our top tips for cleaning your range cooker.

What makes a Britannia so easy to clean?

Did you know? The doors of your Britannia oven are fully detachable for easy cleaning – the individual pan supports on a gas hob can be removed too, and the shelves and runners inside. Just use hot soapy water to clean, with some cream cleaner on stubborn marks.

Stay-Clean Oven Liners come as standard with our Delphi and Fleet range cookers. Once you have them, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them! Just leave your cooker on maximum heat for 45 minutes to burn off all the dirt and grease, wipe the bottom of the oven clean and you should find it looks like new with minimal effort.

- Britannia cleaning supplies cut through grease and grime without damaging your oven, with products tailored to your oven, its windows and a special polish for stainless steel range cookers.

- An induction hob is available as an option on all our electric range cookers (apart from 120cm models) and can simply be wiped clean when it has cooled down – no more awkward nooks and crannies to clean!

- Clean floors are easy, because our freestanding range cookers stand on legs a few inches above the ground. Alternatively if you choose a plinth kit to sit below your range cooker, or if you opt for an XG model, this will offer a built-in look and prevent dirt or dust gathering below your cooker.

A simple clean

Used regularly, soapy water and gentle cleaning products can be enough to keep a Britannia clean. Another great tip is to place water in a heat-proof bowl inside your oven on a high temperature – the steam will loosen any caked-on stains. Britannia also recommends the microfibre E-cloth, which cleans stainless steel, glass and enamelled surfaces – leaving them streak-free and sparkling without the need for chemicals.

Finally, here are some common mistakes to avoid when cleaning your range cooker:

  • Don't try to clean your oven while it's still hot!
  • Don't use a rough scourer on an induction hob – you could scratch it
  • Don't put pan supports in the dishwasher, it may cause rusting
  • Don't use soapy water or cleaning products on stay-clean liners, just wipe with a clean cloth
  • Don't use abrasive cleaners on the exterior of your oven – it can damage the icons on your control panel
  • Don't forget to wash your hands after using any cleaning products
  • Don't leave it too long – a weekly wipe down is much easier than a deep clean

Let us know if you have any more oven cleaning tips or advice below.

 by Karen Howarth

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