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New research reveals when it comes to the kitchen size is everything

28TH MARCH 2016

The fridge freezer is the unsung hero of the kitchen, with new research revealing capacity as the key factor for the majority of us.

We may be a nation of aspiring chefs, spending almost £900 million a year on kitchen gadgets*, but the majority of us choose our fridge freezer based simply on size, with almost half of UK home-owners citing capacity as the factor that counts, compared to just 7 per cent that voted technology**.

We’ve made huge technological advancements in food preservation technology over the last few years, with contemporary fridge freezers now boasting top features that enable us to widen our cooking repertoires, plan ahead and ultimately save money.

Our American-style Montana fridge freezer uses clever control of air movement within cooling units to keep food fresher for longer and has an innovative ClimateKeeper air tower and MultiFlow air system which delivers cold air on two levels, ensuring a consistent temperature and keeping food fresh wherever it has been stored within the fridge.

The invention and progression of the fridge freezer has been one of the biggest factors in changing the way we eat. Buying them for size is great and shows the way we have changed our shopping habits and kitchen styles, but if used that little bit more efficiently, they could have much more of an impact on our efficiency and waste.

*Mintel, 2015

**Britannia consumer survey 2016

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