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Moving Up The Kitchen Style Stakes With Britannia

10TH MARCH 2009

As more of us move to open plan living, the need to remove cooking smells and vapours quickly and efficiently becomes more important, but aside from the practical benefits, how many of us would also see the humble cooker hood as an opportunity to add a touch of style to the kitchen?  All that is about to change with the launch of Britannia’s Omaggio and Volante, two models offering a glimpse of the ‘next generation’ hoods.

With their clean sweeping lines and stainless steel and black glass finish, the latest additions to Britannia’s stylish hood collection strike a head-turning, avant-garde look that is sure to complement any contemporary kitchen.  The ultra modern styling is set off beautifully with inset LED spots in the Omaggio.

But it’s not just the cutting edge style that recommends these luxurious hoods, as with all appliances from Britannia, they also boast high performance levels.  Both models remove air quietly and efficiently, with air capacity hitting an impressive 950 cubic metres per hour.  Added features include a quick release dishwasher-proof grease filter and convenient alerts that advise users when to clean the grease filters and replace the charcoal filters.

Henneke Duistermaat, Director of Marketing at Britannia, comments:  “Cooker hoods have come an enormous way since the cumbersome designs of the 1980s, and the new Omaggio and Volante really do take them to the next level.  They offer a high impact modern look, which underlines the fact that hoods are no longer just functional necessities but style accessories too.  And of course, the really great thing about these hoods is that the aesthetics are completely backed up by the reassurance and quality for which Britannia is renowned.”

Omaggio and Volante are both designed for ducting out or recycling and are available in 90cm and 100cm widths, with prices starting at £1,399 for the 90cm Omaggio and £1,099 for the Volante.

The two new designs will complement an existing range of twelve attractive hoods, which start at £269 for a 90cm Brioso through to £1399 for a 90cm Omaggio.

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