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Most Popular Range Cookers 2010 – Part I

We thought we’d share with you some interesting facts and figures about which Britannia models topped the charts in 2010.

There’s no doubt that the most popular size continues to be 100cm while Sigma range cookers are the most popular style.

Even though the “smaller” range cookers (90cm and 100cm cookers aren’t really small) tend to be the most popular, the impressive 150cm cookers continue to prove a hit for those who have large kitchens. The most popular is the 150cm Sigma range cooker in stainless steel. This model features a 60cm as well as a 90cm multifunctional oven, while the hob includes two triple ring burners, three large burners, a small burner, a fish burner and a Chef Top!

Perhaps no surprise was the fact that the Dynasty 110cm XG in gloss black was the stand-out model in the Dynasty range. This cooker fits well in any style of kitchen and the solid door construction and chunky controls provide this range with a professional feel. It has also taken pride of place in our latest ‘Feast your senses…’ advertising campaign.

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