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Making the most of seasonal winter vegetables

Making the most of seasonal winter vegetables


You may think that the possibility of eating tasty, fresh, local produce every day is greatly reduced in winter, but there are plenty of gorgeous meals you can make with seasonal winter produce. Take a look at our collection of tasty winter treats below.


Cabbage gets a bad rep from the school canteen but can be a delicious winter side, when cooked properly - the trick here is to keep it simple by boiling until just tender, be sure not to overcook and add some butter and salt for a side that is both simple and delicious.

Brussel Sprouts

For a special treat, partner your sprouts with bacon and sweeten them with honey or maple syrup to counteract the naturally bitter taste of the sprouts.


Potatoes are the ultimate winter comfort food and a shepherd's or cottage pie is the perfect way to warm up on those cold winter nights.


Parsnips are great when roasted  alongside honey-glazed carrots, a little garlic oil, cumin and, of course, salt and pepper.

Turnips and swede

Turnips and swede are a great addition to any winter stew. Make your usual beef stew extra special by slow cooking it in Guinness or red wine.

Another way to create a swede side is to mash carrot and swede together; perfect with a roast dinner.


For a twist on a classic, mash potato, why not add some celeriac to add extra flavour and a delightful texture? To make a celeriac mash side - simply add it to your potatoes and then cook it in the exact same way you would normally make your mash. Simple but delicious!


There’s nothing like warming up with a tasty winter soup when the cold weather starts getting to you. Toss sweet potato, butternut squash and red peppers in with garlic oil, cumin seeds and a little smoked paprika and roast them together until tender. After this, tip all the veg in a pan with vegetable stock and blend - all you have to do now is cook for around 30 minutes to allow the flavours to blend, adding seasoning if needed.For an extra special treat serve your soup with cheese on toast, you’ll be surprised how well the combination works.

Another way to get the most out of winter squash is to chop them up and add them into the main of your shepherd’s or cottage pie, especially in vegetarian variations of these dishes.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato mash is a perfect winter side dish; peel, boil and mash the sweet potato just as you would regular mash potato and add butter and nutmeg for a slightly spiced twist.

Alternatively, to make tasty wedges - cut your sweet potatoes into shape and toss in oil with a selection of herbs and spices before roasting in the oven. Yummy..

What are you waiting for?

There are tons of tasty winter warmers to create with all these winter vegetables. Get creative in the kitchen and cook up meals that will make facing the colder weather a breeze.

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