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Lisa Marley’s Bird’s Nest Cupcakes

Lisa Marley’s Bird’s Nest Cupcakes

3RD MARCH 2016

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? I’ve got a foolproof method for creating the perfect cupcakes every time and as we’re approaching spring, I’ve given them a nice Easter twist!

First up you’ll need to whip up a quick batter with 150g of margarine, 150g of caster sugar, 150g of flour and two eggs. It’s important to use margarine instead of butter as this will keep the cupcakes flat, making decoration easier. The easiest way to mix it is to simply blend it all together in a food mixer and then you’re ready to place it in a piping bag.

Next, you need to pipe the batter into your cupcake cases – filling them to just over the half way mark will do – and now they’re ready for the oven! Bake for around 18 minutes or until the skewer comes out clean and then you can decorate.

For my Bird’s Nest Cupcakes I pipe chocolate buttercream before decorating with chocolate flakes and chocolate eggs.

Not only are they delicious, they’re also great fun to make with children!


Cupcake ingredients:

150g soft margarine

150g caster sugar

150g self-raising flour

2 medium eggs, beaten

Buttercream ingredients:

150g very soft unsalted butter, cubed

200g icing sugar, sieved

60g cocoa powder

30ml whole milk room temp

1 tablespoon of vanilla extract


2 chocolate flakes broken into pieces

12 mini eggs



Line a muffin tray with 10 muffin cases

Pre-heat oven to 180 Gas mark 4

Attach the beaters to the mixer

Add the caster sugar and margarine to the mixing bowl

Now use the beater attachment to add caster sugar, vanilla and margarine

Ensure the mixture is creamed to a light and fluffy consistency

Add in the egg


Sieve in the flour and mix until completely combined

Spoon the batter into the cupcake cases

Fill to just over half way

Bake 18-20 mins or until golden brown and spring back to the touch

Allow to cool in the tray for 8 mins then transfer to a cooling rack


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