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Lisa Marley’s Chocolate Truffles

Lisa Marley’s Chocolate Truffles


I’m a chocolate lover and now January is over you might be ready to indulge in a treat or two! This month’s video is a quick, simple and delicious recipe for creating my favourite Chocolate Truffles!

Firstly, you need to heat up some cream until it’s nearly boiling – I use whipping cream, but you can use double or heavy cream – then add some good quality chocolate, take it off the heat and give it a stir.

Then simply fill a piping bag with the ganache, pipe bite-sized pieces on to a plate and leave them to set.

Finally, coat the chocolate bites in cocoa powder and they’re ready to serve. Perfect!p> 


150g whipping or heavy cream

300g of dark chocolate

150g of 70% cocoa powder

(Ideally good quality)


One part cream to two parts chocolate

Ideally you need to use Belgian couverture chocolate

Gently heat the cream into a heavy-bottomed pan

Stop when just about to boil

Take off the heat add the chopped chocolate

Allow to sit for 30 seconds then mix together to form a ganache

Place into a piping bag

Pipe bite size portions onto baking parchment or a non stick surface

Allow to set

Then coat in cocoa powder or a topping of your choice


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