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Design ideas for large kitchens

Design ideas for large kitchens


The days when a kitchen’s sole use was that of food preparation are long gone. Kitchens have evolved over the years to be a space for entertaining, relaxing, eating and generally just living. So, it comes as no surprise that many people aspire to have the kitchen as the largest room in the house. No matter whether you’re an avid cook, a seasoned entertainer or the family baker, the kitchen is a crucial part of many people’s home. However with such a large space, it can be difficult when it comes to designing your kitchen. So here are some kitchen design ideas, to ensure your kitchen renovation is a recipe to success.

Cool kitchen islands

A kitchen island has become a necessity in many kitchens. It serves as both practical and stylish. With its increasing popularity, its design and purpose has evolved over the years from simply extra surface area to savvy storage solutions. The sky really is your limit with kitchen islands. If you shop around a little, you can find some ingenious designs. There are some with inbuilt bookshelves, to store your well thumbed cook books or even ones with a built in sofa, so you can enjoy the view of someone else cooking your dinner!

To find out more about kitchen islands, visit either the Masterclass Kitchens or Mereway Kitchens websites, they’ll be happy to help if you have any questions.

A comfortable living space

The modern kitchen is as much a room to relax in as it is a space for preparing food. So, it’s a nice idea to keep that in mind when designing the space. Why not dedicate a section to some soft furnishings? Creating a plush corner can help to fill the space and is a nice contrast in textures to the hard countertops and tiled flooring. Open plan kitchens are very on trend at the moment and this is a great way to add comfort and style to your kitchen.

Quirky appliances

Everyone knows they need a cooker and a fridge in their kitchen, but the appliances that we’re talking about are the kind that you never know you need until you hear about them! With the luxury of ample space that a large kitchen provides, why not invest in some time saving or simply cool appliances? The market is alive with quirky appliances, because who doesn’t need a WiFi enabled kettle or a beautifully crafted wine rack

We hope that these suggestions will help you on your way with your kitchen renovation. If you are inspired, we’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch via our Twitter or Facebook.

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