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Is Facebook more important than a cooker?


According to a recent study by the Science Museum, people would rather do without a cooker than without Facebook. Surprising? Maybe not, but we think a good cooker is at least as important for social connections as Facebook is. How else would you entertain close friends or organise a dinner party for family or colleagues?

The Science Museum study ranked 50 things people can’t do without and a fridge was the only household appliance deemed more important than a cooker. Sunshine was ranked as the top thing people can’t do without.

A cooker (ranked at 7) was considered more important than a flushing toilet (ranked #9), a mobile phone (#10), a shower (#13) and central heating (#14).

And what about food and drinks? Clean drinking water was the third most important thing people can’t do without. Fresh vegetables (#16) were deemed more important than fresh fruit (#21) which again beat chocolate (#27).

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