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How to select colours for your kitchen (and your range cooker!)…

11TH JULY 2012

Is there a growing trend for colourful kitchens? Our kitchen case studies include a zesty green shaker kitchen and a rich red kitchen – and our Colourange option continues to produce range cookers in weird and wonderful colours, at the request of our customers.

Deciding on a new colour for your kitchen can be difficult. We spoke to Sean O’Connell, Associate Editor at 25 Beautiful Homes and kitchen design consultant Claire Welch from Chalon to get some advice on selecting colours.

Sean O'Connell: "Take risks and go for it!"

Sean says you should bear your future plans in mind before choosing a colour for your kitchen. He says: “If you're looking to spruce up the kitchen to add value to the room, your scheme will probably be a more tried and tested colour scheme than you would otherwise choose.” But if you're intending to stay, Sean suggests thinking about how you can add personality to this space. He says: “Take risks and go for it!”

Personal choice

If you decide to introduce a new colour scheme to your kitchen, Claire advises you ask yourself the following questions: what is your favourite colour; what colour clothes do you wear; what colour is your existing kitchen; and what about your best china? She says: “Colours for your kitchen are personal. Which colour kitchens are you drawn to in magazines and what colours are in the rooms adjacent to the kitchen or throughout the rest of the house?”

Sean offers further advice to help with your choice: “Using warm tones can offset the coolness that a roomful of appliances can sometimes create.  And in the space where we tend to congregate, use colours that complement not clash – after all, you're trying to make a space that makes everyone feel relaxed.”

Claire Welch: "The positioning of the colours is vital."

Once you have decided on a colour scheme, you can consider which colour will go where. Claire emphasises the importance of your decisions: “The positioning of the colours is vital.  Dark colours high up can look overbearing, but on an island unit can stand out beautifully.  It is also complementary for the cooker to stand out in a kitchen with a different colour to the cabinets and a canopy to frame it.”

Dark vs. light

Sean suggests you consider the size of the room when deciding on positioning. He offers the following advice: “To make a large space feel cosier try using darker richer shades, which have the effect of pulling the walls in. Conversely, in a smaller space, light hues will create a roomy feel and also allow you to use artworks or accessories to supply splashes of colour.”

What colour is your kitchen? How did you decide on a colour palette? Is there anything you would change about your existing colour scheme?

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