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How to select a range cooker that saves the environment (and your conscience!)

23RD MAY 2011
Not sure what to look for when buying a range cooker, but you want to save energy? Here are our top 5 tips:

1.    Select a model with A-rated ovens. If you are looking for a range cooker with more than one oven, then each oven should have an energy efficiency rating. Ask a retailer for the energy rating if no label is displayed in the showroom. There is no rating for separate grill compartments.

2.    Consider a double oven range cooker so you can use the small oven if you have only a small amount of food to cook or grill.

3.    Induction hobs provide the most energy efficient way of hob cooking. Find out more about Britannia range cookers with induction hobs here.

4.    Do you like having a peek in the oven when you’re cooking? Maybe you should go for an oven with a window, so that you don’t need to open the oven door so often – each time you open the oven door, you are wasting a little energy!

5.    What about selecting a cooker hood? There is no energy efficiency rating for cooker hoods (discussions are ongoing, but we are not sure how long it will take before agreement is reached). We recommend choosing a hood with LED lights – these provide the most energy efficient lighting and they provide many hours of use before they need replacing.

Looking for tips on eco-cooking? Have a look at this blog post: 7 simple changes to make range cooking more energy efficient.

Do you prefer windows in your range cooker so that you can see what is cooking? Please comment below...

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