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How to select a range cooker for a classic country kitchen

24TH APRIL 2012
The simple lines of the Sigma range cooker look good in this Davonport kitchen.

How do you select a range cooker for a classic country kitchen? And how can you include modern kitchen design features in a country-style kitchen?

Many of us love traditional kitchen designs, but are also attracted to modern kitchen features such as innovative space saving solutions and stainless steel range cookers. How do you incorporate such features into your classic kitchen design?

Careful consideration at the design stage ensures you can create an authentic look, without compromising on the more modern touches which make your kitchen a more functional and practical space. A kitchen should be a place in which to enjoy both cooking and entertaining!

Natural finishes and painted wood surfaces work best in a country-style kitchen. They will give your kitchen an inviting feel while maintaining a classic look. You should also consider keeping traditional accessories on show, whilst leaving modern gadgets out of sight (but within easy reach).

Range cookers for a country kitchen

A traditional-style range cooker, such as Britannia’s Classic range cooker, looks good in a country kitchen. Its traditional design hides a modern appliance with all conveniences built in (including the Quickstart function which brings the oven temperature up to 200°C in just 6 minutes – great for busy cooks!). A Classic range cooker in graphite or cream combines well with natural finishes or painted wood.

If you’d like to give your country kitchen a more modern look, then consider a range cooker in stainless steel. The simple lines of a Sigma range cooker look good in any style of kitchen - the country style kitchen is no exception.

Cabinetry for a country kitchen

Despite a huge array of material choices available when choosing a kitchen, very few can create the authentic look of a country kitchen. Different timbers can be used to create your kitchen - oak is one of the most popular. Oak allows for a consistent colour without the need for excessive staining.

Island units for a country kitchen

Kitchen tables used to be the common focal point of the traditional kitchen. Nowadays the island unit is becoming a close rival. Islands provide extra workspace and an area where guests and family members can gather. They can also be filled with ingenious space saving solutions such as wine racks, fridges, hidden drawers and cabinets.

Island units don’t have to be enormous granite blocks. An island unit can be designed in a period style, with ornate wooden pilasters and compartments for utensils and chopping boards. If you’d like to use your island as a breakfast bar - and replace the requirement for a kitchen table altogether - then opt for an oversized worktop with a cantilever effect.

This article has been written together with Richard Davonport, Director at Davonport.

What are your top tips for creating a country-style kitchen? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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