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How to select a large oven and enjoy your cooking more

13TH JUNE 2011
What do you need to think about when looking at large ovens? How can you get more cooking pleasure out of your large oven? Here are our top six suggestions:

1. Large ovens can be slow to heat up as there is so much capacity in the oven to heat. Choose a large oven with a fast pre-heat system to save on waiting time.

2. Choose a large oven with a true fan function. This allows batch baking on different levels – great for preparing a huge amount of fairy cakes for a children’s party, or a large selection of savoury snacks for a chic dinner party.

3. Especially when you have a large oven, you will have to lift heavy trays or dishes from the oven. Treat yourself to a set of telescopic runners. These provide a safe and convenient way of serving directly from the grill pan or oven tray, even when fully extended.

4. Use the full capacity of the oven by using large roasting tins on two shelves. You should be able to move food around the oven easily, which can be ideal when cooking for a large family or entertaining a group of friends.

5. During the last few minutes of cooking, use one of the shelves to warm up your plates.

6. Should you have a range cooker with a large oven or have your large oven built-in? Either option has its advantages. A range cooker is the centre piece in your kitchen and there are more options in terms of styling and colours. Some people prefer a built-in large oven as they find it more convenient to have the ovens at a higher level. It’s really up to you.

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