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How to persuade your partner to spend money on a range cooker: 10 arguments

3RD JUNE 2011
A couple comes to a home improvement show. They are going to build an extension to their kitchen and have come to the show for inspiration. One of them does most of the cooking, but the other controls the home improvement budget. The cook really wants to buy this Britannia range cooker, but the other thinks it’s too expensive. Does it sound familiar? Well, here is a list of 10 arguments you could try:

1. You would like to buy this range cooker because it will make you a better cook. You’ll both enjoy your food more!

2. This range cooker is great when it rains again this summer. You can cook anything you would barbecue on the Chef Top, too. And it’s almost as much fun.

3. Entertaining guests will become less stressful, because this cooker has a programmer. You can programme the start and finish time of the oven, so you can both enjoy an aperitif while the cooker takes care of the cooking.

4. The ovens of this range cooker are much easier to clean, because the sides, back and roof of the ovens have stay clean liners. You don’t need to waste time cleaning.

5. You can do your bit for the environment because both ovens are A rated for energy efficiency.

6. This cooker helps with a healthy lifestyle because you only need to use a little oil when cooking on the Chef Top.

7. You’ll be cooking the best chicken ever because it has a rotisserie which makes a perfectly succulent chicken.


8. This range cooker will add value to your house and impress potential buyers. (Or try: the money won’t be wasted because you’ll want to move it with you.)

9. This range cooker is much better than the other one you looked at, because … [use our checklist to compare two range cookers and list all the reasons why this range cooker is better].

10. How much was spent on the last car you bought?

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