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How to match your range cooker and your kitchen style

22ND MARCH 2012
The simple lines of a modern range cooker suit a Shaker style kitchen.

How do you go about choosing a kitchen style and a new range cooker?

It can be hard to know which kitchen style will suit you and your home best. Here’s a run-down on some of the most popular kitchen styles – and suggestions for which range cookers are a good match.

Range cookers for Shaker kitchens

Shaker kitchens are based around utility and clean lines without any clutter or over decoration.
Cabinet doors and pan drawers are characterised by a plain frame with a flat centre panel, and no beading. Top drawer fronts are totally flat.

A Shaker kitchen usually features wooden worktops, and peg rails. It is often the kitchen of choice for country-style interiors. Range cookers might be nestling elegantly in a chimney breast as a focal point for the kitchen.

Traditional Shaker kitchens are typically made from either cherry wood or maple, but it is not uncommon for darker timbers to be used especially in more modern takes of the Shaker kitchen. The painted Shaker kitchen often uses oak and is usually found in hand-painted finishes with paler colours such as white and cream helping to create a simple and uncluttered design.

What range cooker should you choose for a Shaker kitchen? To match the clean lines of your Shaker cabinets, it’s best to choose a cooker with simple lines. A Delphi or Q Line range cooker in stainless steel will look at home in any Shaker kitchen.

Range cookers for Georgian kitchens

The Georgian period was one of the most influential periods of kitchen design, and home design in general. The key to this kitchen style is attention to detail. Every aspect of a Georgian kitchen must be beautiful to look at.

Georgian kitchens are one of the most ornate kitchen styles around. They typically use a paler wood or finish in order to create a light and airy space. The door style is based upon the simple Shaker design but with an added decorative beading around the outer edge of the centre panel. Similar to the Shaker design, drawer fronts also tend to remain flat.

In essence, the Georgian style cabinetry is often viewed as bridging the gap between the simple Shaker elegance and the much more decorative Victorian style.

What range cooker should you choose for a Georgian kitchen?

Stainless steel can look a bit out of place in a Georgian kitchen, so consider a black range cooker to create a feature in a light kitchen; or a cream range cooker if to lighten up a darker kitchen. Britannia’s Fleet range cookers are available in matt black, matt burgundy and matt cream. The ornate trims of this cooker suit a Georgian kitchen well. If you prefer to add simplicity to a more decorative kitchen, you could also opt for a Wyre in matt black or cream.

Range cookers for Victorian kitchens

Modern interpretations of the Victorian style kitchen are more decorative than their Georgian or Shaker counterparts, and often incorporate many of the innovative modern appliances into their design.

As with Georgian furniture, Victorian cabinets tend to have a Shaker style frame and decorative beading but with the addition of a raised and fielded centre panel. Drawer fronts may also feature centre panels and beading.

Key features to look out for in a Victorian kitchen include stone tiled floors, sash windows, farmhouse sinks and huge range cookers. Consider a 120cm Fleet range cooker. A range cooker in matt cream, burgundy or black offers a more traditional look. Don’t forget that the more traditional look of a Fleet range cooker comes with modern convenience: This includes a Quickstart function which ensures the oven reaches a temperature of 200°C in just 6 minutes when pre-heating the oven.

Range cookers for contemporary kitchens

At the other end of the scale and in complete contrast to more traditional styles, contemporary kitchens are often minimalist in design.

Unframed units almost appear to float, as there are no plinths or cornices in this design, and usually no handles. Often with a high gloss finish, this kitchen style will incorporate feature colours in a certain area such as splash-backs or range cookers.

Any stainless steel range cooker will look good in a contemporary kitchen. If you’d like to make a design statement with your range cooker, consider a bright colour such as lime green or tangerine. Thanks to our Colourange service you can have your cooker finished in any colour!

Bespoke kitchens

Usually at the higher end of the budget scale, bespoke kitchens allow a kitchen to be made to measure for a property. In recent years it has become increasingly popular to mix elements from a variety of kitchen styles. This often includes combining cabinetry of different colours such as having cupboards in a darker wood with a cream or paler kitchen island in order to create a truly unique combination.

Your choice of range cooker will depend on the style elements used in your kitchen. For something more traditional, consider a Fleet range cooker; for something more modern opt for a Delphi range cooker.


This article has been written together with Richard Davonport, Director at Davonport. All kitchen images were also supplied by Davonport.

What is your favourite kitchen style? And which range cooker do you prefer?

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