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How to create a timeless colour scheme for your kitchen

25TH MAY 2012

How do you select a timeless colour scheme for your kitchen? And which colour should you pick for your range cooker?

We asked Richard Davonport, Director of Davonport kitchens for advice.

What should you consider before choosing a kitchen colour scheme?
Always consider the orientation of the kitchen first. The positioning of the room affects how much sunlight the room gets, and how it reflects off of cabinets and walls. Of course, the number and size of windows and roof lanterns also influences how light your kitchen will be. Before designing a kitchen, you always need to know where the windows are first.

South facing kitchens get most sunlight. This means that these kitchens can take darker tones without making the room seem too heavy. Kitchens that don’t attract much natural sunlight - such as north facing kitchens - benefit from warmer pastel shades.

When choosing a colour scheme for a large open plan kitchen, you should consider all the activities that take place in the room, such as entertaining guests, watching TV, reading and doing homework. Most people spend a lot of time in an open plan kitchen, so pastel shades of grey, green, blue and cream are good choices. Anything too bright can be overbearing.

What are the latest trends in kitchen colour schemes?
Exposed wooden cabinetry has grown in popularity - especially darker timbers such as walnut. Walnut tends to have quite a prominent wood grain which helps to make a statement in the kitchen. Another popular timber is oak, which is sometimes used for just a few cabinets to create a unique design feature. If the walls are painted in a neutral shade, the wooden cabinetry will stand out.

Painted kitchen cabinetry allows you to create a more individual colour scheme. It’s important to consider the long-term appeal of the kitchen. I recommend avoiding trendy colours that may go out of fashion soon. Redesigning a kitchen can be a huge investment – so you want to enjoy it over a long period. And if you are planning to sell, it’s wise to select a timeless colour scheme, too. Pastel shades of cream, blue and greens will stand the test of time.

Combining two different finishes within the kitchen is becoming increasingly popular. Having both painted cabinetry and exposed wood helps to distinguish between different areas of the kitchen. Such a colour scheme will not go out of fashion soon as long as you choose a classic paint colour.

What if you’d like to create something a bit more flamboyant?
Rather than paint a whole kitchen in a bright colour, I recommend having a range cooker or a splash back in a vivid colour. It creates a focal point. Also, it’s easier to change a splash back rather than have to change the colour of a whole kitchen. If you’re selling your house and the buyers don’t like your range cooker colour, you can sell the house without the range cooker and take it to your new house!

Statement colours such as fiery reds, greens or blues are good choices if you want to create a focal point. Britannia’s Colourange allows you to have your range cooker finished in any colour you like.

Do you have any other suggestions for selecting a range cooker colour?
A range cooker in stainless steel is the most popular choice for Davonport kitchens. Stainless steel goes with almost any cabinet colour scheme. A stainless steel cooker will stand out in a light painted kitchen without being overbearing. Stainless steel also combines well with exposed wood.

I prefer creating some contrast between the range cooker and the cabinets rather than have the range cooker blend with the kitchen. A range cooker is an appliance that should stand out in a kitchen. If you’re choosing a coloured cooker, then you should also consider whether you’d like to have a matt or shiny colour. Both matt and gloss colours will look good.

What are your top tips for creating a timeless colour scheme in your kitchen? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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