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How to choose your range cooker colour

11TH APRIL 2012
A stainless steel range cooker looks good in almost any kitchen.

Choosing the colour of your range cooker is a big decision. And you don’t want to get it wrong. So how do you make sure you select the right colour?

Here are some suggestions...

Choose a popular colour for your range cooker
Stainless steel continues to be the most popular colour for modern range cookers. You really can’t go wrong with choosing a stainless steel colour. Stainless steel looks good in almost any kitchen.

Black comes a close second in popularity. Can you go wrong with choosing black? The only time it really doesn’t look good is when you have a black kitchen.

Match or contrast the colour of your kitchen cabinets

If you’d like your range cooker to stand out in your kitchen, then it’s best to go for a contrasting look – it will ensure the range cooker takes centre stage.

If you prefer your range cooker to blend in, you could opt for a matching colour. (For the perfect colour match, Britannia offers Colourange: we’ll finish your range cooker in any colour you can dream of!).

Have a look at these two pictures. It’s the same kitchen – one has a range cooker in a cream colour similar to the kitchen cabinets; in the other kitchen the graphite of the range cooker contrasts nicely with the cream cabinets.

A contrasting look: a graphite range cooker in a cream kitchen.
What do you prefer? A contrasting or a matching look?

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