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How to choose a slot-in range cooker to suit your kitchen

Are you replacing an appliance in your kitchen? Or are you redecorating and looking for a slot-in range cooker that will complement your new décor?

Slot-in range cookers are ideal when you have a specific space to fill in your kitchen. Their free-standing nature means they can also be re-positioned if you decide to refurbish your kitchen – or even if you move house!

Here are our top tips on what to consider when choosing a slot in range cooker:


If you are looking for a slot-in range cooker, it is important that you buy the correct size. The difference between a 100cm and a 90cm range cooker is bigger than you think. Britannia range cookers are available in 90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm and 150cm sizes. Make sure you choose a range cooker that will slot into the available space you have.

Number of ovens

If you are looking for a 90cm slot in-range cooker, you can choose from a single oven or a double oven. The double oven range cooker features two multifunctional ovens; one 60cm and one 30cm. If you are looking for a larger range cooker, all 100cm, 110cm, 120cm and 150cm Britannia models feature two ovens. For even more flexibility, choose a 100cm XG or 110cm XG model, which features two ovens and a separate grill compartment.

Colourange: Create a range cooker as unique as you are

Hob options

Dependent on the model you choose, there are several hob options available for slot-in range cookers. If you are looking for a dual fuel model, with gas burners, you may want to choose a hob that also features a Chef Top. Our stainless steel griddle offers a healthy way to grill food, and requires only a minimal amount of oil. If you would prefer an all-electric cooker, you can choose between induction or ceramic hob tops.


The most popular finishes for slot-in range cookers are stainless steel or black. We think a stainless steel range cooker looks good in any kitchen, but you might want to choose a finish that complements your colour scheme. If you’re looking for a unique range cooker, our Colourange service could be perfect for you. We will create a range cooker in any colour you choose; be it to match the shade of your tiles or the colour of your crockery.


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